Dear friends and anti-Putin coalition allies!

Výstup Sjezdu lidových poslanců RF, který se obrací k nám – k Západu

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The world is badly hurt by the war Russia has started against Ukraine.

The unthinkable happened. In the XXI century, in the center of Europe, people are once again dying, cities are destroyed, refugees spread across Europe.

The outrage that Putin’s crimes have generated is something that every decent person shares. In the context of these events, Russia is often dismissed as “lost”, being recognized as the terrorist state, the whole nation is branded as barbaric.

So the world builds a wall around the country. And sadly not only around the regime. We see the rise of «cancelling Russian culture.» Today Chekhov, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoi, who all died decades before Putin was born, pay for the hatred which this tyrant has generated, globally, towards all things Russian.

However, we all know that disgust and these symbolic boycott gestures are not enough – perhaps misplaced – as they are not going to end this tragic war, or to get Russia “back on track.” But they work perfectly well to alienate even pro-European Russians.

A thoughtful and coherent strategy in relation to “normalizing Russia” is needed. And the only way to produce it – is to make it together with “normal Russians”.

You are doing fantastic effort to support Ukraine and Ukrainians in these grim hours of aggression and war. Many European Russians are doing the same. Some of us have joined Ukrainian army to combat the invaders.

Increasingly, the world’s leaders recognize what we, here, have long said: Allowing Putin to remain in power is not a tenable solution. The longer that Putin’s regime operates, the more that the entire world’s population is put at risk. To liberate Ukrainian territory is simply not enough to secure peace.

That is why we thank you all, for your ongoing support to find new methods that we can take power out of the hands of the global threat from the Kremlin. The creation of Congress of People’s Deputies is a vibrant example that normal Russians not only exist – but are actively working to create a better and more democratic future for Russia – and for the world.

We ask you for one thing: stop thinking of Putin as the face and representative of Russians. He is a thug, mobster, murderer and a fascist, and such people has no nationality. He usurped the power long time ago, using methods of terror and treason, and should not be considered a legitimate Head of the Russian Federation.

We, the Congress of People’s Deputies, will reset the Russian statehood the way it would never become a threat to its neighbors and to our own people. We need your trust and support to achieve it!

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